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March 07, 2012

5 Steps to Managing Your Disease

Dr. Epler's five-steps can be used for all diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, and especially for rare, chronic diseases. The five-steps can also be used for depression, now recognized as the most common illness in the world.

The person who can manage both health and disease will be in control and able to lead an invigorating life filled with endless possibilities. Learn about your disease so you can understand the diuagnostic process and the treatment options. When you understand your disease, you can monitor it effectively and develop an environment in which to promote healing. You are in charge. You can manage your disease better than anyone else can. You just need to know how.

The Five Vital Steps:

Step 1: Learn everything you can about your disease. Ask your doctor? Ask your nurses? Go to the internet. It’s filled with information about almost every disease, and you can interact with people all over the globe. You’d be amazed at how much you can learn from other people. Don’t worry about finding the wrong information. Yes, be cautious, just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. But, trust yourself, you’ll find what’s best for you.

Step 2: Understand the diagnostic process. This consists of a battery of questions – how are you feeling? How long have you felt this way? A physical exam – looking into your eyes and listening to your lungs. And a series of tests – as simple as a blood test or as complex as a biopsy. The doctors ask their questions, but you also need to ask questions. What are the tests for? How do they help with my diagnosis? What are the risks?

Step 3: Know your treatment options. There are always options. First, find out the natural history of the disease. Some go away in days and some in months. What if you did nothing? Keep in mind, if you’re talking to an internist, medicines will be discussed. If you’re talking to a surgeon, surgery will be the solution. If you’re talking to an herbalist, herbs will be used. How effective are these treatments? What are the risks? What are the alternatives?

Step 4: Monitor your condition. Keep track of how you feel, write it down. Ask yourself three questions. Am I better? Good, stay the course. Am I the same? Give it 48 hours. Am I worse? It may be time to call your doctor or visit the emergency room.

Step 5: Create a healing environment. First of all, use the power of your own words and thoughts – think in a positive way. You can manage this disease. Use visualization. Use compassion. Use controlled breathing. You’ll have more energy to take charge of your treatment. Manage your nutrition and your sleeping schedule. Develop an exercise program. Your body has an amazing capacity to heal itself.

Don’t let your disease run your life. No matter what condition you have, the five vital steps in You’re The Boss: Manage Your Disease will teach you how to take control and live your life to the fullest.

You’re the boss. Control Your Health!


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