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Eplerian Philosophy

The Eplerian Philosophy is a modern-day life philosophy based on new neuroscience defined as “know who you are moment by moment.” This means know the brain region you're in and learn to stay out of the anger center and stress center. It's an extraordinary way of life for high energy, creativity, and enjoyment.

New science has shown there is brain tissue in the heart and in the belly, so there are three places that you can think from - the head brain, the heart, and the belly brain. The fourth component is the mind, which is outside the body. Learn the function of these four components and the feelings associated with them so you can know who you are moment by moment. 

The function of the head brain is to improve our lives financially and socially every day. The heart is to keep us healthy. The belly brain protects us by managing risk. The mind is for creativity. Learn these to help you know where you are.

The feelings from head brain include anger and stress – stay out.  Everyone knows to stay out of the anger region, and learn to stay out of the self-centered stress center too. People are healthier and more productive staying out of these regions. The less you think about yourself, the more you become your true self. The third feeling is pleasure from positive events such as lunch with your spouse or friends, not from sugar, alcohol or drugs – it’s also the addiction center.

For the heart, feelings include kindness, empathy, giving, and compassion. For the belly brain, it’s fear. For the mind, it’s courage and the feeling of total calmness, security, peace, and unconditional love.  Learn these feelings to help you know who you are moment by moment.   

Applications of the Eplerian philosophy include a healthy posture and healthy nutrition moment by moment. Additional applications include learning how to eliminate the harmful effects of stress and anger. The philosophy will help manage the many types of self-centered thinking including self-criticism, self-pity, resentment, jealously, revenge, judgment and blame. The philosophy is a business model for breakthrough leadership, increased productivity and innovation for executives, managers and employees.

The Eplerian philosophy is for people to live their best lives at home, at work and in the community.

Copyright ©2020 by Gary R. Epler, M.D. All rights reserved.



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