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Ask Alexa: "Play Good Thoughts Podcast"

Good Thoughts is a podcast about learning how to be your true self with Dr. Gary Epler hosted by Joan Epler.

Good Thoughts Podcast is about the Eplerian Philosophy of "Know who you are moment by moment." There are four components of knowing who you: the head brain, the heart, the belly brain, and the mind. Learn the function and feelings for each component. Know where you are, and that's who you are moment by moment.

15 Episodes for Season One:

1. Self-Healing: Learn it Now!

2. Positive Social Interaction Made Easy

3. Boost Your Sleep Power

4. Use Your Mind, Alpha-Brainwave Meditation Time

5. Optimism for Life!

6. High Level Happiness Always

7. Disaster Stress Recovery: Do It Now!

8. Build Your Own New Habit

9. Courage to Be Your Ture Self

10. Magical Calm of Breathing

11. Feelings from the Heart

12. Your Belly Brain Knows Nutrition and Risks

13. Explore Your Mind

14. Empathy for an Improved World

15. Eplerian Philosophy for an Extraordinary Life

End of Good Thoughts Podcast Season One

Dr. Gary Epler