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Dr. Gary Epler’s talks have taken him throughout the world with audiences in cities in the United States and Canada, in Europe, Africa, South America and China. People and companies are asking for his help with problems of people feeling bad with no energy, under performing employees, lack of engagement at work, sluggish productivity and sagging sales.

Dr. Gary Epler provides solutions and people improvement. He’s talked about learning how to manage disease, people-centered leadership, burnout among professionals and executives, increased company productivity and sales, positive interactive workplace, and how people can live their best lives filled with high-energy, creativity, enjoyment, positive experiences and extraordinary people. 




Sample Topics

The Epler Code for Increased Productivity and Sales

Does your company have employees performing at their peak levels, are they totally engaged in their work? Do you want to improve your productivity and increase your sales? Dr. Gary Epler’s research and teaching throughout the globe has produced the 15-element, science-based “Epler Code” that contains components such as happiness, meaning and positive social interaction; and health practices such as eight hours of sleep, one hour of exercise, healthy nutrition lifestyle, alpha-meditation, self-healing, and more. Learning and using the Epler Code will increase productivity 31% through positive communication, increase productivity 40% by an improved positive-word ratio, and increasing the happiness level will improve work life, home life, creativity and energy. 


People-Center Leadership for Positive Work Environment and
Increased Market Share

Bad leadership destroys people, organizations and countries. Bad leadership often comes from egocentric leaders who have only one agenda - their own! These leaders

will do anything to gain and keep power especially at the expense of people and the company. These leaders have no feelings about destroying anyone in their way. This leadership is based on fear. This leadership creates a place of no trust. Good leadership requires a boundless amount of energy, making rapid decisions, using positive social communication at all times, commitment, confidence, persistence, creativity, integrity, and for the entrepreneur, funding and team building. “People-centered” leadership are leaders who have a high intrinsic happiness level. They have meaning in their lives. They are engaged in life at work and at home. They live their best life with healthy nutrition lifestyle, eight hours of sleep, one hour of daily exercise, daily alpha-brainwave meditation time, gratitude, compassion for themselves and others, and they are their “true selves” resistant to outside influences and distractions. People-centered leadership means everything is always about the organization, the employees, their families and the community.


Alive with Life: A Medical Doctor’s Guide to Life Your Best Life 

Too many people feel bad, have no energy, have a low happiness level, not engaged in life, see problems instead of solutions, see the bad instead of the good, criticize, blame and make excuses. This is not living their best life. Learn and use the 15 elements including happiness, meaning, positive social interaction, sleep, exercise, healthy nutrition, gratitude, and compassion to live a life filled with high-energy, creativity, enjoyment, positive experiences and extraordinary people.


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