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August 15, 2014

10 Steps to a High-Energy Day

Do you want to live a high-energy day, every day? You need to more than ever. You need a huge amount of energy to live life to the fullest. Energy for work, for creativity, for your family, and to enjoy every minute of the day. I call this “Level-10 Energy.” It’s the energy of the universe. I discovered this through years of research looking for a way people can improve their lives. Level-10 Energy is fuel for life!

What's a Level-10 Energy day? It's an amazing day. It’s one of those days you love to have. Everything goes well, you’re on top of the world, nothing bothers you, and you can do anything. You're alive with energy. Your mind is generating positive energy. Nothing goes wrong. Annoying problems don't develop. You talk to people and people talk to you. You listen to people and people listen to you. You help people. People help you. Your work creates energy. You’re forgiving. You’re grateful. You’re creative. You enjoy life.

How do you have a Level-10 Energy Day? The sources of energy are everywhere. You just need to know how to use them. There are 10 steps that will work for you.

The first three include eight hours of sleep, one hour of vigorous exercise at the best of your ability, and eating the right foods for energy including lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and slow-burn carbohydrates. You need eight hours of sleep to replenish the adenosine energy chemical that is depleted during waking hours. One hour of vigorous exercise will create feel-good hormones and neuro-transmitters that include endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin. Group exercise will produce oxytocin, the bonding hormone. Lean protein will provide pure energy. Omega-3 fatty acids will keep the arteries healthy. Slow-burn carbs will prevent blood sugar spikes that cause damaged inflamed arteries and inflamed big bellies.

Two more steps include learning something new every day and using your alpha brainwaves. Not too many people like to take tests, but almost everyone loves to learn. It gives you energy. Learn something new. This can be random and not related to your work. We have five types of brain waves according to frequency. Beta brainwaves are our usual waking state and help us through our daily routine. Alpha brainwaves are slower and can provide a huge amount of creative and feel-good energy. They usually occur during light sleep and with practice, you can create them while awake with eyes open through calming brain activity or meditation. Day dreaming – that’s the alpha brainwave state. It’s healthy and provides energy.

The remaining 5 steps provide energy and create a Level-10 Energy day through the use of the mind and your thoughts. They include managing fear and stress, positive social interaction, being grateful, seeing the good in all things, and helping others. We can usually manage acute stress without harm, but chronic stress is dangerous to our health by producing harmful inflammation chemicals in our blood. Chronic stress is usually caused by fear – manage the fear and you manage the stress. Positive social interaction with people produces feel-good energy. Say hello to someone and talking every day. Being grateful creates a great feeling and energy. Look for the good things throughout the day, it will give you uplifting energy. Finally, help someone. It feels good and provides input for your Level-10 Energy Day.

For you, Level-10 Energy can provide a day filled with creativity and enjoyment. Use the 10 steps for a blueprint to success.

Gary R. Epler, M.D., #1 Amazon best-selling author of “Fuel for Life: Level-10 Energy

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